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Mark Walters

Public Health

Clip 2: Communicating by understanding both the journalistic and scientific methods

USF St. Petersburg journalism professor Mark Walters urges scientists to learn about journalistic methods and journalists to learn about the scientific method—and a few guiding scientific principles—to improve communication and reporting.

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Mark Walters: In my experience, the best thing that scientists can do to improve communication with journalists is to learn what the journalistic method is. Now, how we approach information, how we verify it, and so; and I think it's equally important for the journalists to understand what the scientific method is and how it works. The other thing is, is that I think there's this sense that well, for journalists to become competent reporters in an area of specialty, they have to go out and consume and learn all the content in that area. I don't think that's true. I think that there are a few principles—scientific principles—that journalists could easily learn that would cut across many, many different areas.


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Scientists and the Media: Impacts of Sea-level Rise

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