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USGS Open House in Florida - Videos

Open House 2009
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Open House 2009

A video composite of visiting fourth graders participating in activities and exhibits at the 11th annual USGS Earth Science Day in St. Petersburg, Florida. Footage includes images of “Coral Twister,” “Making Waves,” and “Tsunami!” Many of the booths focused on the 2009 Earth Science Week theme, “Understanding Climate,” and how scientific research is tied to understanding climate-related topics.

Length: 1:25

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Emily Klipp and Amar Nayegandhi display lidar (light detection and ranging) technology used by USGS scientists to survey coral reefs, create topographic maps, and produce other products and data sets.

Length: 0:47
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Diggin' the Past
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Diggin' the Past

Jim Flocks and Noreen Buster show students how scientists gather geologic cores from the Earth to discern geologic, climatic, and environmental information.

Length: 0:48
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